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South Florida Arts


South Florida Artists:

Jonathan Rockford: Installation Art & Video Art
Guerra de la Paz, Installation art
Martin Casuso, Contemporary Fibers & Found object sculpture
Marisa Finos, Ceramic Sculpture
Pocket of Lollipops (Maite & Tony)
Carrie Sieh, Mixed Media painting & Fibers
Henny Bulten (My mom), Face Painter
John Zoller, Painting

Artist Influences & Favorites:

Ron English, Popagandist
Henry Darger
Wangechi Mutu
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Travis Louie, Freaks & Monsters
Charlie Immer, eye candy Paintings
Jerry Bleem, Contemporary Fibers, Sculpture & Collage
Wim Delvoye, controversial artist
My-dads-strip-club: Anti-consumer artist activists
Barbara Kruger
Guerrilla Girls, Feminist Art activists

South Florida Arts Resources:
The Girls Club Art Collection, Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Margulies Collection, Miami, FL
The De La Cruz Collection, Miami, FL
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL

Other Favorite Galleries:

101/Exhibit, Miami, FL
Thinkspace Art Gallery, Culver City, CA
Stephen Friedman Gallery, London
Saatchi Gallery, UK
21C Museum & Hotel, Louisville, KY


School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bowling Green State University


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